Work with Lynn Grodzki Licensed Mental Health Professional and Master Certified Coach

Counseling Silver Spring with LYNN GRODZKI, LCSW, MCC


Psychotherapist: Lynn Grodzki is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW-C) with over 30 years of experience working as a psychotherapist with adults and couples. She specializes in working with the “worried well” population — adults who are generally functioning well, but adjusting to difficult life situations. When these situations are causing anxiety, stress, or depression, therapy can help.

Lynn is known as a direct, smart, caring, inspiring professional. As a therapist, Lynn helps her clients set and move forward with their life goals, improve their relationships, and create more meaning and purpose in their lives today. She combines the best of traditional psychotherapy with a directive, inspiring coaching style or approach, to help her clients develop self-awareness and make behavioral change.

Lynn is the past Vice President of the National Association of Social Workers Metro Chapter (2011-13) and the President of the Greater Washington Society of Clinical Social Workers (Fall, 2020-22.) 

She graduated with an MSW from University of Maryland, School of Social Work in 1988 and has returned to the UMSSW to teach workshops to therapists on the topics of practice-building, ethics and clinical confidence. She is the author of six book, all published by W.W. Norton, including Therapy with a Coaching Edge (2018.)  

Coach: Lynn is also a senior, Master Certified Coach (MCC) — the highest level of certification offered by the International Coach Federation. As a coach, she is known for her pro-active, life-affirming, direct style combined with her prior business expertise. She is the author of six books including the best selling Building Your Ideal Private Practice, and is a popular national speaker at psychological conferences. She is on the faculty of Coach, Inc., helping to train future coaches.

Volunteering: Co-founder, “Healing with Basketball,” George Washington University Cancer Institute, Office of Survivorship, 2007-2012. This  multi-year program was designed and delivered by Lynn Grodzki and Andrew Weiss to encourage emotional support and physical exercise for breast cancer survivors. The popular program, sponsored by GWUCI ,was free for inner city women in Washington, D.C, with a social worker and a personal trainer on site to lead the monthly clinics. Women survivors learned a set of carefully modified basketballs drills and skills, specifically designed to provide a sense of stretching unused muscles and fostering a sense of play and body confidence. The program was mentioned in the Washington Post and supported by the Washington DC Mystics Basketball Team as well as promoted by other basketball teams and organizations. Lynn Grodzki received the Mighty Oak Community Award from the Fashion for the Cure Foundation for her program (2012.)

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